zaterdag 30 april 2011


The new doll should have been send yesterday and arrive Monday. (the village I live in was blocked because of "Queens Day" so packages couldn't be delivered, so it would come Monday).

The sites of BJD Cafe and ThinkPink refuse to open ( = - = ) Oh well, connection might have been sucky today.

I took Asaro with me, while I was watching a movie. (Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince >//////<) so nothing spectacular happened today. I took some pictures though while he was sitting on my leg :)

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm considering to get an outfit for the doll I'm (or should be XD) sparing for. But then I'm close to zero again, haha. (But then I'd might be able to get some very neat wig caps as I was thinking of getting it from LUTS)

A word from Asaro:
Hello dear person, when you're reading this ^^
I had great fun watching that movie. I love Fred & George Weasley as they amuse me. =)
That man in black (Snape??) reminds me of Hyde when it comes to his attitude.
I could try on the socks and 1 legwarmer Neo made ^^ (one legwarmer because the other still has to be made.. ^///////^")
I hope he's able to enjoy his time here and that we'll become friends =)
Anyway, for me it's time to sleep (in Hyde's arms ^//o//^'')
Sweet Dreams~

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Asaro is echt zo'n mooie doll <3 hij staat echt met alles volgens mij.
    Ik had ook problemen met BJD Cafe gister, Think Pink heb ik niet geprobeert dus dat kan ik niet zeggen...

  2. dankje :D (in wit lijkt hij het mooiste, en dan springen z'n ogen er echt uit e.e)
    ja :s was raar