zaterdag 30 juli 2011


A quick update now I have my laptop back, and then I have to update more often of all the things I wasn't able to post or was too lazy to do >////< *coughs* Now I can stalk more people (because it was bothersome to go look on several blogs, I only looked on 1 or 2 on the old computer)

Anyway, today I received a letter from Spore (I'll call her Spore here. She's "SporeXP" on Den of Angels and "WillEatForFree" on YouTube. ^^).
She made a beret (with a detachable pin) for Torin :D Torin's so lucky, everyone seems to like him, haha.
The beret is really cute d( ^ o ^ )b
We're both happy with it c:



maandag 18 juli 2011


Sorry that it took me a little while to update ( v . v ) ↓
My laptop broke down for the 3rd time e_e (and no, I don't have it back yet). So, the picture updates might take a little while, untill the laptop is back; it takes ages for a photobucket page to load, unless it's the 1st page -am on an 11 years old computer, so please understand XD-

Putting that aside~
I might post some recent pictures to times though, even when they're made with a cellphone ( v . v )

I put Torin is some of Hyde's clothing, and Hyde in some of Torin. It was to change their looks a bit and it worked ♥ Torin looks a bit more goth XD and Hyde as if he has a slightly weird kodona outfit.

I was on BJD Cafe for a bit today, since I haven't been on there for a little while >////< I should be more active..
I was looking at some doll pictures and it made me feel inspired.. and hyper :D Especially the dolls of "Soft Poison". Thanks to this, I have a slightly more clear idea of what to do with the doll I want to order.
Yes, a 4th one is going to join the family c: at some point.. I'll probably order him next month on Think Pink!.
I changed my ideas a bit on what I wanted, and I decided to go for a DollZone France ♥ He's going to be my first SD.
Now I need to look for wigs, outfits and eyes ( v . v ) I have the feeling he might have several different looks.
I can see him wear aristocrat, punk and fairy-kei XD Don't ask me why.. but maybe something soft would be better for him.. >///< I don't know yet.. we'll see.
I also need a name so suggestions are welcome XD At the moment I can only think of "Masa" so~... help ? ♥

zaterdag 2 juli 2011

"Torin" by Park Hyo Mi aka Kawaii-chan

Hello everyone!
This is Torin :)

My owner, Neo, received today a package from one of her best friends: Kawaii-chan (on here also known as "Park Hyo Mi".).
And it contained something that made me really happy ^//////^ It's so amazing!!



She has amazing drawing skills :D I'm so happy that she drew me * 3*
Neo and I are very happy with it c: .. I feel so flattered v//////v *mumbles something about that other people never bothered to do such a sweet thing*

Hopefully, some day soon, this blog will be updated again ^////^ Because we have pictures left to share :3
A few days ago Asaro, Hyde and I went on pictured together :D It was so much fun c:
Asaro is so light that Hyde and I could carry him together!! It was so easy. Though I had to bend a bit >////< I feel so tall.. suddenly..

Yes, Kawaii-chan.. I post this stuff on every site possible, haha :P Sorry if it annoys you ;D
Again thanks :D