woensdag 29 juni 2011

Asaro & Torin

Yesterday I was looking in my box of BJD clothing to look if I could find a shirt that would be more suitable for the pants I made. I was first thinking of the two blue shirts I got from a swap on DoA, and tried them on.
But even though it looked better than the pink sheep shirt (from DollMore.. it was so hot yesterday that just looking at Asaro in that shirt made me feel even warmer), it didn't suit him very good because it was too 'plain'.. As you can see, the print on the pants is very busy and colourful, and the shirts were baby blue with a few more colors at some places.
Then I found a shirt I totally forgot about, which I got once 2nd hand from the BJD Cafe (Dutch forum). And it looked perfect XD I put the shoes, which came with Torin (I suspect it having been keychains v.v I'm not sure though) on him and the outfit was done XD I should have colourful socks for him, and probably shoes with some print on.. but I'm satisfied for now.
I took a lot of pictures of him with Torin. So I'll put some on here :)

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Tsuki makes the "Torin-face"

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maandag 27 juni 2011

Underwater World

Yesterday I finished a pair of pants for Asaro. It isn't great or pretty or something, but it's the first pants I've ever made so I'm a bit proud, haha. (The crotch totally fails though, haha.. so if you got tips to not make it look sucky, you're welcome to tell them XD)
The fabric is white with colourful little weird creatures on it.. it's called underwater world so it's supposed to be jellyfish and such.. :D the fabric is cute..
My mother said to me that a fabric with a 'calm' colour would be more suitable than this fabric for Asaro, since it seems to be 'too busy'. But I'm satisfied.. I might make a tartan / plaid one for Hyde, but then with my sewingmachine. (I made the other with my hands, so it took long..)

SporeXP (it's her username on GaiaOnline and Den of Angels) told me she thought they looked like swim trunks, haha.. I think they look a bit like PJ pants.


zondag 26 juni 2011

'The' stuff

I noticed I had forgotten to post about those few things I got for Torin. (Just a pair of socks, pants and boots.) All thanks to the broken laptop, haha.
Anyway, I ordered on Think Pink! The pants is from Nine9Style, the boots from DollZone and I have no idea where the socks are from.

A tiny sort of review on Think Pink! and the stuff ^^
Think Pink!: The service of Think Pink! is nice :) to make a payment is very easy. I've used this time (and previous time; when I ordered Hyde) Paypal because I don't trust myself with banktranfer, haha. Anyway, the shipping costs are around €9,-. They ship your stuff quickly. And ofcourse, I'd order from them again. ^^
Nine9Style pants: They are very neatly made, though they are on the edge of almost being too tight XD (waist / hips) But I and Torin love them :3 The straps are detachable with these push button thingies c:
DollZone boots: They are pure love, haha. I love DollZone boots >w< especially these ones -had wanted them since forever XD- They have a zipper in the back so it makes it even easier to put them on. Thanks to the thick sole it makes your doll a lot heavier though XD
Socks: No idea where they're from but I suspect it's from some small company or maybe even from Pink Hazard. (But since I'm not sure..). The fabric is nice but they're not very neatly sewn. That's the only thing I don't like about them XD.

Here's a picture of Torin wearing only the new stuff.


Tomorrow I'll post about the failing handmade pants of Asaro ^^''

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

I'm the one stalking you

A small message:
If you see on your blog that someone called NeoYume added a comment.. it's me XD
blogspot is annoying suddenly when it comes to commenting and using my LJ account is the only thing working for me at the moment XD
p.s. .. the Neo part in NeoYume should already show it's me, haha ;)

Sweet Dolls

I was looking a bit around today, in search of a wig for the next doll I'd like to get. (But first the doll will come XD)
I went to LUTS since it's my favorite site for doll stuff (and I love their wigs.. great quality.) and I noticed they had new limited edition dolls.
Beside the many new limited Zuzu Delfs and Quintus (Senior Delf), they have two limited edition Honey Delfs, and I wanted to write a bit about them. I mean.. how can I not? They are incredibly cute!!
They are called "Choux" and "Choco".
Choux is the one in pink and Choco in blue. Their outfits are Sweet Lolita alike, if you don't count the bunny ears.. and the collars of their outfits look like ones from school uniforms. Choux has the "sweet" face and Choco has a slightly more pouty / serious face.
My first thought when I saw them was that they'd be perfect for someone who dresses Fairy-kei, or Sweet Lolita... haha.. :3


Here are the links! :D

Choux * c l i c k *

Choco * c l i c k *

I hope they find nice homes ^^ (I would order one if I didn't have my eyes on an other doll ;D .. XD I love Choco)

zondag 19 juni 2011


I'm very sorry for not having updated for a while!! >///////<
My laptop broke down and I could only go on an old computer, but on that thing I couldn't post..

Anyway, here I am :D
I'm sparing for my 4th doll ^^ (Was supposed to be my 3rd, but as you could see, I couldn't resist Torin XD) but to times I'm still doubting >/////< At the moment is the first one on my list: AS Huang.

I took some pictures of Asaro yesterday :) They were taken in my (small) garden ^^''

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