zondag 26 juni 2011

'The' stuff

I noticed I had forgotten to post about those few things I got for Torin. (Just a pair of socks, pants and boots.) All thanks to the broken laptop, haha.
Anyway, I ordered on Think Pink! The pants is from Nine9Style, the boots from DollZone and I have no idea where the socks are from.

A tiny sort of review on Think Pink! and the stuff ^^
Think Pink!: The service of Think Pink! is nice :) to make a payment is very easy. I've used this time (and previous time; when I ordered Hyde) Paypal because I don't trust myself with banktranfer, haha. Anyway, the shipping costs are around €9,-. They ship your stuff quickly. And ofcourse, I'd order from them again. ^^
Nine9Style pants: They are very neatly made, though they are on the edge of almost being too tight XD (waist / hips) But I and Torin love them :3 The straps are detachable with these push button thingies c:
DollZone boots: They are pure love, haha. I love DollZone boots >w< especially these ones -had wanted them since forever XD- They have a zipper in the back so it makes it even easier to put them on. Thanks to the thick sole it makes your doll a lot heavier though XD
Socks: No idea where they're from but I suspect it's from some small company or maybe even from Pink Hazard. (But since I'm not sure..). The fabric is nice but they're not very neatly sewn. That's the only thing I don't like about them XD.

Here's a picture of Torin wearing only the new stuff.


Tomorrow I'll post about the failing handmade pants of Asaro ^^''

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  1. Torin ziet er leuk uit met z'n nieuwe spulletjes ! <3 :D Vooral zijn broek vind ik geweldig, maar dat komt denk ik omdat Nine9Style mijn favoriete doll kledingmerk is xP

  2. @ Niesje
    thanks <3 :D

    @ Park Hyo Mi
    dank je <3
    Nine9Style heeft mooie spullen <3 (wel een beetje duur af en toe @w@)