zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Red and Yellow Leaves

Autumn has arrived a little while back. I'm pretty content with the colder weather and all the red and yellow leaves. It also reminds me of the lovely time I was allowed to get out of my DollZone box previous year~
Now I'm sort of sitting on a shelf in the livingroom of a bookcase 8| .. which I DON'T like. At least I'm almost sitting on Asaro's lap~, but Torin's too close.

Sitting on a well.. I didn't want to stand because if I'd happen to fall backwards I would be stuck in there for the rest of my life.

Have you ever heard of "Pinky Street"? (Why would they choose such a horrible name for it anyway.. -__-")
Those little annoying brats?
There are three here now D< *glares at Hyo Mi* This one called Caramel often says things like "You just wait, one day we'll be bigger 8D". I simply raised my eyebrows, claiming it to be impossible but she replied that it wouldn't be if they'd all climb onto each other.. I sincerely hope there won't be coming more of them =__=''.. When there's just 3 of them, they won't be 'bigger'.

p.s. I had to say that there was the possibility of Vairon getting a face-up some day soon.. But first Neo looks if she can get the supplies to do it. It almost makes me wonder how it will turn out..
I'll remain the most handsome anyway, so..

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

My Failing Boy Band

I have troubles replying the comments on my blog so sorry if I don't :( Blogspot is always annoying when it comes to commenting = - =''..
I'll try my best to comment on your blogs if I find the time to do it :3 (and since it's weekend, I can read them again XD)

A little while ago I switched the wigs of my dolls, just for fun and to see how one's wig would fit the other.
Hyde got Asaro's, Asaro got Torin's and Torin got Hyde's.
This was the first thing popping up when I saw them:

This was actually one of the pictures where Asaro's wig looked really nice on Hyde.. But to be honest, in reality he looked like an elf, haha. It was as if his ears had turned pointy.

I kind of liked Torin's wig on Asaro. It also goes well with his eyes. But I kept thinking of those little trolls with weird hair, you know, those little plastic doll things.

Torin looked emo, haha. His face-up looked almost a bit more odd with this wig, so I named him Halloween Boy because he looked ready for Halloween~