zaterdag 19 november 2011

BJD vs Pinky:ST

Neo cut my hair again (bangs -> the sides) so it would be the right length.
It's getting colder outside and I put my pink shirt on again.. it's so nice and comfy. And warm of course.
On top of that, I had my first encounter with Caramel and her gang. They're called Pinky:Street! I wonder why.. Caramel can be fierce even though she's so tiny. Isn't that funny?

At first it was just Caramel.. she started to talk to me. But I sort of forgot all the things she said ^////^  she talks too much and too fast... I do remember some complaining about Hyde though.
Photobucket Photobucket


W-wait.. where's Caramel?!
Who's this?? - it turned out to be Avril.. she's weird -> she kept staring at me like that, the whole time!!
Photobucket Photobucket

H-how?.. They just keep popping up!

The Pinky gang..
From left to right: Caramel - Avril - Sumi.
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Caramel is Neo's favourite..


zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Red and Yellow Leaves

Autumn has arrived a little while back. I'm pretty content with the colder weather and all the red and yellow leaves. It also reminds me of the lovely time I was allowed to get out of my DollZone box previous year~
Now I'm sort of sitting on a shelf in the livingroom of a bookcase 8| .. which I DON'T like. At least I'm almost sitting on Asaro's lap~, but Torin's too close.

Sitting on a well.. I didn't want to stand because if I'd happen to fall backwards I would be stuck in there for the rest of my life.

Have you ever heard of "Pinky Street"? (Why would they choose such a horrible name for it anyway.. -__-")
Those little annoying brats?
There are three here now D< *glares at Hyo Mi* This one called Caramel often says things like "You just wait, one day we'll be bigger 8D". I simply raised my eyebrows, claiming it to be impossible but she replied that it wouldn't be if they'd all climb onto each other.. I sincerely hope there won't be coming more of them =__=''.. When there's just 3 of them, they won't be 'bigger'.

p.s. I had to say that there was the possibility of Vairon getting a face-up some day soon.. But first Neo looks if she can get the supplies to do it. It almost makes me wonder how it will turn out..
I'll remain the most handsome anyway, so..

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

My Failing Boy Band

I have troubles replying the comments on my blog so sorry if I don't :( Blogspot is always annoying when it comes to commenting = - =''..
I'll try my best to comment on your blogs if I find the time to do it :3 (and since it's weekend, I can read them again XD)

A little while ago I switched the wigs of my dolls, just for fun and to see how one's wig would fit the other.
Hyde got Asaro's, Asaro got Torin's and Torin got Hyde's.
This was the first thing popping up when I saw them:

This was actually one of the pictures where Asaro's wig looked really nice on Hyde.. But to be honest, in reality he looked like an elf, haha. It was as if his ears had turned pointy.

I kind of liked Torin's wig on Asaro. It also goes well with his eyes. But I kept thinking of those little trolls with weird hair, you know, those little plastic doll things.

Torin looked emo, haha. His face-up looked almost a bit more odd with this wig, so I named him Halloween Boy because he looked ready for Halloween~

zondag 18 september 2011

Abunai! 2011 Looking For Group

I, Hyde, am writing now because Neo is a lazy woman!!
That put aside, she has been very busy though and a lot of (bad) things have been happening so we and other dolls were the last thing on her mind. So that's the reason she nor one of us haven't updated yet. But recently it's going better I think since she's paying attention to us again. It started on my (almost forgotten) doll birthday.

So we're slowly starting to update again, continuing with the things you've missed the past weeks. Some subjects we still should have written about will be "forgotten", aka never written after all.

I'm going to write a bit about an event Neo and Asaro went to on the 28th of August (If I remember well).
It was called "Abunai!" I think. The theme was supposed to be "looking for group".. who thinks of that?! Anyway..
Asaro told me about it and I am supposed to write about it (_ __") *sighs* why me.. *mutters*

Due to circumstances, Neo was only able to walk around there for 45 minutes.. (Someone could barely walk so this is the reason.. it's not like she's THAT stupid.. at least, I hope so.)

They only walked around the dealer room. They got a Gloomy Bear, a choker from some girl who made Lolita clothing, a present for a dear friend and a DVD of NANA.. The bear is pink and pretty annoying.. its head is huge! It's also spilling blood everywhere! D<
At some point they looked at a stand and this lady who was selling stuff owned 3 BJD. So Asaro could sit next to them for a picture.

Asaro is that cute little crossdressing boy in white (=//////=)

Then someone almost squeaked.. I think?.. Anyway a girl walked towards Neo and was glad she had an MSD with her. So she could hold Asaro for a bit. She and her friend (Miku cosplayer) looked at him and we could look at her BJD. Because he was painted blue, she called him "her little smurf".
Then Neo took a picture while she held her own and Asaro!


Asaro said he'd like to know who she is and who the other BJD is..
Would she be on BJD cafe?

This was about it about Abunai.

Asaro says he won't forget the guy with long hair, net shirt and kitty claws D< .. damn it!
stupid people *mumbles*

That was it for now >o>..
I hope I won't have to write next time =. =''...
Have a nice day!!

zondag 7 augustus 2011

By Fate

Asaro here.. ^////^
Yesterday our owner, Neo, received a letter from Fate (xFatex on GaiaOnline, so we'll call her Fate here ^^)

She made two -matching!!- necklaces for me and Hyde <3 Both have an angel wing charm attached to it. She also made a drawing of me, Hyde and Torin!
We're very happy with it <3 (even though Hyde doesn't want to admit that he's happy we have something to match with~)
Here are some pictures of it :) .. :( the necklace isn't very good visible on me because of the busy print of my shirt...
Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Small Change

I changed the layout.. I hope it looks a bit ok >//////<
I really suck at such stuff..

And I still comment as NeoYume -my LJ- on everyone's blog and on here.
But I'm going to try again if comments with blogger work again ^^

maandag 1 augustus 2011

Sweet Mewing Dreamzzz~ * Tsuki & Torin *

Ok, I took some pictures today for a forum thread on GaiaOnline. Because there's a "photo of the month" contest every month so people will post pictures a lot c:
Theme this month is "Your doll and your -or his / her- pet" ^^ And Tsuki is my kitten (she's 3,5 months old).
I decided to make a weird photo story on here of the pictures c:

Tsuki is violet
Torin is green
Man... this thing is weird..
*shakes* Hey Hey!! You alivezz? *feels for heart beat* (-  o).. yes.
Yeah.. well.. that's
*about to doze off* ..
Hey... HEY HEY HEY!! You know..
hm? ( ' - ' )
( - _ - '')...
But you still mah buddeh!! = v =
.. ok..?
Hey hey hey!!.. You know..
..yes? ( = - = '')
I gonna sleepz nowzz..
( - __ - "") ..