zondag 18 september 2011

Abunai! 2011 Looking For Group

I, Hyde, am writing now because Neo is a lazy woman!!
That put aside, she has been very busy though and a lot of (bad) things have been happening so we and other dolls were the last thing on her mind. So that's the reason she nor one of us haven't updated yet. But recently it's going better I think since she's paying attention to us again. It started on my (almost forgotten) doll birthday.

So we're slowly starting to update again, continuing with the things you've missed the past weeks. Some subjects we still should have written about will be "forgotten", aka never written after all.

I'm going to write a bit about an event Neo and Asaro went to on the 28th of August (If I remember well).
It was called "Abunai!" I think. The theme was supposed to be "looking for group".. who thinks of that?! Anyway..
Asaro told me about it and I am supposed to write about it (_ __") *sighs* why me.. *mutters*

Due to circumstances, Neo was only able to walk around there for 45 minutes.. (Someone could barely walk so this is the reason.. it's not like she's THAT stupid.. at least, I hope so.)

They only walked around the dealer room. They got a Gloomy Bear, a choker from some girl who made Lolita clothing, a present for a dear friend and a DVD of NANA.. The bear is pink and pretty annoying.. its head is huge! It's also spilling blood everywhere! D<
At some point they looked at a stand and this lady who was selling stuff owned 3 BJD. So Asaro could sit next to them for a picture.

Asaro is that cute little crossdressing boy in white (=//////=)

Then someone almost squeaked.. I think?.. Anyway a girl walked towards Neo and was glad she had an MSD with her. So she could hold Asaro for a bit. She and her friend (Miku cosplayer) looked at him and we could look at her BJD. Because he was painted blue, she called him "her little smurf".
Then Neo took a picture while she held her own and Asaro!


Asaro said he'd like to know who she is and who the other BJD is..
Would she be on BJD cafe?

This was about it about Abunai.

Asaro says he won't forget the guy with long hair, net shirt and kitty claws D< .. damn it!
stupid people *mumbles*

That was it for now >o>..
I hope I won't have to write next time =. =''...
Have a nice day!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Tood bad you couldn't stay that long :(
    Would've been nice to have seen you

  2. Eerst en vooral; sorry voor de late reactie. I was deze site vergeten. >w<

    "Asaro is that cute little crossdressing boy in white (=//////=)"
    Aaaww, Hyde kan toch lief zijn als-ie wil. (En als het over Asaro gaat) <3

    Jammer dat je niet langer kon blijven en dat je niet weet wie de persoon met de MSD is. Msschn kan je er een post over maken op BJD Cafe ? (Beetje laat, maar beter laat dan nooit ? xD)

  3. Yay, ik kan weer comments plaatsen X3

    @ Niesje
    ja, dat was wel jammer

    @ Hyo Mi
    haha, lief? XD misschien.. meestal alleen als het over Asaro gaat XD