zaterdag 30 april 2011


The new doll should have been send yesterday and arrive Monday. (the village I live in was blocked because of "Queens Day" so packages couldn't be delivered, so it would come Monday).

The sites of BJD Cafe and ThinkPink refuse to open ( = - = ) Oh well, connection might have been sucky today.

I took Asaro with me, while I was watching a movie. (Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince >//////<) so nothing spectacular happened today. I took some pictures though while he was sitting on my leg :)

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm considering to get an outfit for the doll I'm (or should be XD) sparing for. But then I'm close to zero again, haha. (But then I'd might be able to get some very neat wig caps as I was thinking of getting it from LUTS)

A word from Asaro:
Hello dear person, when you're reading this ^^
I had great fun watching that movie. I love Fred & George Weasley as they amuse me. =)
That man in black (Snape??) reminds me of Hyde when it comes to his attitude.
I could try on the socks and 1 legwarmer Neo made ^^ (one legwarmer because the other still has to be made.. ^///////^")
I hope he's able to enjoy his time here and that we'll become friends =)
Anyway, for me it's time to sleep (in Hyde's arms ^//o//^'')
Sweet Dreams~

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Trying It Out..

Hello, this is Hyde.
I've been keeping my owner "Neo" company all day (On bed, since she's temporarily stuck to it..), and we read blogs, looked together at fora, on something they seem to call FaceBook (Stupid name..) and listen to songs of the musical Elisabeth by Takarazuka.

But the point is, I've seen various blogs today and I wanted to try to write one as well, so hereby I'm allowed to write this entry. She said if I and the others really wanted to, we could update to times. So when I write, the text will be red.. I think if Asaro would write, it would be blue... and I have no idea about the new one.
Neo said there would be a new one coming and I keep wondering.. especially about who / what is coming, since Neo's mother keeps saying as a joke "little retarded one".
Humans are strange.. and then they dare to say stuff about me! They should look in the mirror, those little.. *coughs* anyway, I shouldn't write that.

Neo says she's happy that I kept her company all day long ^^.. the fact that a 2nd hand doll comes, makes me worry.. I don't ever want to go (But don't tell Neo I said that *glare*). She once told me she dreamt of selling me and she seemed to be really upset after the dream and gave me lots of attention because I had been getting a bit less after Asaro came. I don't mind Asaro receives attention and a lot of affection because he really needs it.
Little fact; did you know that a son of Asaro is called Neo too?
Last week she also tried to put some stuff on me she knitted and she mumbled something about it looking bad. It's true, she knits horribly. *grins* well, it looks weird, I suppose it's ok. *frowns slightly*

Listening to Takarazuka (Hana group), and looking at "Death & Elisabeth" to times makes me think of someone.. she seems a bit like a mix of both somehow! Maybe because she's a bit creepy and mean like Death and has Elisabeth's beauty? Oh, she can be nice though.. but only to me.. *frowns slightly*

Hereby I also want to say 'Hello!' to an online dollie friend. We were a bit disappointed when we couldn't meet her, but it was said we will some time soon anyway. *Smiles slightly*
So, Apricot if you're reading.. "Hello!". *waves*

Neo HAD to take pictures of me when I was watching a video of Takarazuka.. I think the song was called "Saigo No Dansu".
(Some of this shit on here is confusing me *curses*)


zaterdag 23 april 2011


I wonder if I should sew some stuff for the new one. (Still nameless, am considering some though..)
Am also trying to knit a bit, but I'm not very good at it, haha..
I'll see.. But I probably won't sew tomorrow because it's Easter then. (Relatives will come for dinner)

While writing this, I was asking my mother what I should do for his name. Slightly meant as a joke at first, I got an idea..
Weird, end of the entry, he isn't nameless anymore. XD

Shall I reveal, reveal? Shall I reveal, my Fair Lady? (Sorry, a song of Kuroshitsuji keeps stuck in my head).

"Torin Rayn Viridis"

Inspiration comes while writing..

vrijdag 22 april 2011

On its way~

Though I didn't really plan it, I decided to get a 2nd hand doll on BJD Cafe (a Dutch BJD forum).
He's modded, and has this adorable face.. so excited~
I wonder when he'll arrive. (I'm always jumpy when purchasing something, especially 2nd hand)
Now I have to think of a name, and a decent reason to have him, haha.. in other words, make a character of him. I already gave it some thought, so I'm satisfied for now.
Maybe as name "Torin" or "Rayn"? I'm not sure yet.
I might try to sketch him.

donderdag 21 april 2011

Midnight × Night Class

Ah, already the 2nd post :D (That was fast, hm?)
I wanted to write about my (current) favorite company ; LUTS .

Already, quickly after I ordered from them for the first time, I loved them so much, haha . .
It was just a pair of eyes and a wig, since I had heard that a DollZone wig was from bad quality (I ordered a fullset DZ Hid), I was worried, and I also didn't want him to look exactly like on the company pictures though I took a fullset. I still wanted it to be red though and got a red wig and red eyes from LUTS .
The wig was really nice and pretty. And the eyes had golden glitter in it, if you looked really closely . In the end, it indeed turned out that the DZ wig that came with Hyde, was very ugly : A ball of fur, not even looking neat. (A fur wig but even trying to 'style' it, it was very ugly).
I also got clothes from LUTS a bit later on, before I'd get Hyde (it actually arrived the day before he did, haha). It was a simple set, but the quality is really nice.

My 2nd doll is one from LUTS, so I decided to order the wig, temporary outfit etc also from LUTS, and because I knew I might be getting the event head, I also decided to get his wig and eyes there as well.
You can also request them things if you write it down on your order (you can write some extra information if you want to), so I asked if the event head could be white skin. (you could choose, but if you didn't, it would be normal skin)
Asaro poses really nicely . (Their Kid Delfs have double jointed arms, the rest is single jointed) The Dolls from LUTS still have seams though, but they're not very bothersome. You can always sand it.

The times I've asked them something on the Q&A, it was always answered quickly and friendly.

And I'm absolutely in love with their dolls . They make very beautiful ones, and since last December, there seems to be an outfit explosion ; more is made. There seems to be more choice now. One of the dresses reminds me of Gloomy Bear, really cute!
Personally, I adore Honey Delf Pie (oooh, that face is really super adorable) and Super Senior Delf Avalanche (gorgeous!!).
I love their new limited editions too:



The dolls are called Ethan; left is the Midnight version, right is the Night Class version.
I love the night class one, but midnight has really nice outfit and wig.

Please, check out the LUTS site if you haven't already ; )
* c l i c k *

woensdag 20 april 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog! It will be about BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls) as you might have noticed ; )

Currently I have 2 BJD and a floating head. My first (Hyde Duprine) arrived on the 10th of September and my second (Asaro Murakami + floating head Vairon) on the 18th of February this year. I'm sparing for my third, of which I keep the mold a secret a little longer.. I think.. (I can tell you though, he'll be from Angell-Studio if he's still there then)

This is Hyde Duprine. He's a DollZone Hid.

And this is Asaro Murakami. He's a LUTS Kid Delf Hodoo. He came together with a floating head; Vairon. (LUTS Winter Event Head 2010)
Photobucket Photobucket

I hope you'll be able to enjoy my blog ^^ To times I'll write about new molds from BJD companies or stuff like that. Till Next time!!