donderdag 21 april 2011

Midnight × Night Class

Ah, already the 2nd post :D (That was fast, hm?)
I wanted to write about my (current) favorite company ; LUTS .

Already, quickly after I ordered from them for the first time, I loved them so much, haha . .
It was just a pair of eyes and a wig, since I had heard that a DollZone wig was from bad quality (I ordered a fullset DZ Hid), I was worried, and I also didn't want him to look exactly like on the company pictures though I took a fullset. I still wanted it to be red though and got a red wig and red eyes from LUTS .
The wig was really nice and pretty. And the eyes had golden glitter in it, if you looked really closely . In the end, it indeed turned out that the DZ wig that came with Hyde, was very ugly : A ball of fur, not even looking neat. (A fur wig but even trying to 'style' it, it was very ugly).
I also got clothes from LUTS a bit later on, before I'd get Hyde (it actually arrived the day before he did, haha). It was a simple set, but the quality is really nice.

My 2nd doll is one from LUTS, so I decided to order the wig, temporary outfit etc also from LUTS, and because I knew I might be getting the event head, I also decided to get his wig and eyes there as well.
You can also request them things if you write it down on your order (you can write some extra information if you want to), so I asked if the event head could be white skin. (you could choose, but if you didn't, it would be normal skin)
Asaro poses really nicely . (Their Kid Delfs have double jointed arms, the rest is single jointed) The Dolls from LUTS still have seams though, but they're not very bothersome. You can always sand it.

The times I've asked them something on the Q&A, it was always answered quickly and friendly.

And I'm absolutely in love with their dolls . They make very beautiful ones, and since last December, there seems to be an outfit explosion ; more is made. There seems to be more choice now. One of the dresses reminds me of Gloomy Bear, really cute!
Personally, I adore Honey Delf Pie (oooh, that face is really super adorable) and Super Senior Delf Avalanche (gorgeous!!).
I love their new limited editions too:



The dolls are called Ethan; left is the Midnight version, right is the Night Class version.
I love the night class one, but midnight has really nice outfit and wig.

Please, check out the LUTS site if you haven't already ; )
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  1. I love Luts ♥ 2 of my dolls are from them, and my boyfriend had one from them as well. The seams are not bothersome at all ^^ I like their molds.

  2. Ik wil ooit ook wel een doll van luts.. (ooit xD) waarschijnlijk een bory, zoals idereen. Ik kan het niet helpen hij is cute en past bij veel characters die in m'n hoofd zitten xD
    Ik vind de midnight versie wel mooi :3

  3. yes, they're very nice :D
    (one of them is Marcus, right? @w@)

  4. @ Park Hyo Mi
    Ik vind Bory ook wel leuk, maar omdat "iedereen" hem leuk vindt, vind ik hem dan iets minder XD (de reden dat ik hem niet zou willen; verder vind ik hem wel mooi c:)
    .. eentje ervan is Ciel? XD (ik had je LJs gestalkt maar ik kon geen foto van je Ciel obitsu vinden :c)

  5. @parkhyomi: Ik heb een bory xD Zo'n schattige mold <3