dinsdag 26 april 2011

Trying It Out..

Hello, this is Hyde.
I've been keeping my owner "Neo" company all day (On bed, since she's temporarily stuck to it..), and we read blogs, looked together at fora, on something they seem to call FaceBook (Stupid name..) and listen to songs of the musical Elisabeth by Takarazuka.

But the point is, I've seen various blogs today and I wanted to try to write one as well, so hereby I'm allowed to write this entry. She said if I and the others really wanted to, we could update to times. So when I write, the text will be red.. I think if Asaro would write, it would be blue... and I have no idea about the new one.
Neo said there would be a new one coming and I keep wondering.. especially about who / what is coming, since Neo's mother keeps saying as a joke "little retarded one".
Humans are strange.. and then they dare to say stuff about me! They should look in the mirror, those little.. *coughs* anyway, I shouldn't write that.

Neo says she's happy that I kept her company all day long ^^.. the fact that a 2nd hand doll comes, makes me worry.. I don't ever want to go (But don't tell Neo I said that *glare*). She once told me she dreamt of selling me and she seemed to be really upset after the dream and gave me lots of attention because I had been getting a bit less after Asaro came. I don't mind Asaro receives attention and a lot of affection because he really needs it.
Little fact; did you know that a son of Asaro is called Neo too?
Last week she also tried to put some stuff on me she knitted and she mumbled something about it looking bad. It's true, she knits horribly. *grins* well, it looks weird, I suppose it's ok. *frowns slightly*

Listening to Takarazuka (Hana group), and looking at "Death & Elisabeth" to times makes me think of someone.. she seems a bit like a mix of both somehow! Maybe because she's a bit creepy and mean like Death and has Elisabeth's beauty? Oh, she can be nice though.. but only to me.. *frowns slightly*

Hereby I also want to say 'Hello!' to an online dollie friend. We were a bit disappointed when we couldn't meet her, but it was said we will some time soon anyway. *Smiles slightly*
So, Apricot if you're reading.. "Hello!". *waves*

Neo HAD to take pictures of me when I was watching a video of Takarazuka.. I think the song was called "Saigo No Dansu".
(Some of this shit on here is confusing me *curses*)


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Hyde !! *waves back*

    This is Apricot typing. :9
    I'm dissapointed too that we didn't get to meet irl. But I'm sure we'll meet eventually.
    Don't feel sad that your owner spends a little less time with you. The most important thing is that she loves you and Asaro. (And this way you can have some private time with Asaro ;D)
    My owner hardly spends time with me anymore, she'd rather choose little dwarves called PureNeemo or the little creatures called Pinky:S. But I'm glad I have Caleb to talk to, I'm not sure he shares that feeling though. Hahaha xD

  2. Asaro needs love more than I do *looks a bit around* I prefer having time with him over attention from Neo >:3
    Those dwarves sound annoying *frowns* .. I only have heard of Ji Joon but that was because Neo made me read blogs...
    Is it nice to hang around with cCleb? ^^

  3. *Caleb
    excuse me *curses because of the keyboard*

  4. Apricot: I really like (to bother) Caleb >:D but he likes being alone and I think he doesn't like me... not that that is going to stop me :9
    Out of all the dwarves living here I like Ji Joon the best because she's away from home the most xD

  5. bothering is fun.. *grins slightly -evil..?-* never stop, giving up is for the weak people.
    I heard that once Kawaii-chan can drive, she'll be out more often.. so I suppose that's lucky for you?
    Asaro tells me to greet. ^^

  6. Hahaha poor Ji Joon she'll never survive that. xD In fact... I hope she does survive or else she might take me with her ! o___0
    Hello Asaro *smiles and waves*

  7. indeed.. *frowns slightly* especially because I hear stuff like "man from inside and multiple personality disorder" ô . o''..

  8. Maybe I should worry about my owner ? :S

  9. Perhaps.. observe / stalk her for a little while before you take action