woensdag 20 april 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog! It will be about BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls) as you might have noticed ; )

Currently I have 2 BJD and a floating head. My first (Hyde Duprine) arrived on the 10th of September and my second (Asaro Murakami + floating head Vairon) on the 18th of February this year. I'm sparing for my third, of which I keep the mold a secret a little longer.. I think.. (I can tell you though, he'll be from Angell-Studio if he's still there then)

This is Hyde Duprine. He's a DollZone Hid.

And this is Asaro Murakami. He's a LUTS Kid Delf Hodoo. He came together with a floating head; Vairon. (LUTS Winter Event Head 2010)
Photobucket Photobucket

I hope you'll be able to enjoy my blog ^^ To times I'll write about new molds from BJD companies or stuff like that. Till Next time!!

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  1. Hoi Neo !! *waves like crazy*

  2. Hoi kawaii-chan 8D
    *waves back till arm falls off D8*