zaterdag 19 november 2011

BJD vs Pinky:ST

Neo cut my hair again (bangs -> the sides) so it would be the right length.
It's getting colder outside and I put my pink shirt on again.. it's so nice and comfy. And warm of course.
On top of that, I had my first encounter with Caramel and her gang. They're called Pinky:Street! I wonder why.. Caramel can be fierce even though she's so tiny. Isn't that funny?

At first it was just Caramel.. she started to talk to me. But I sort of forgot all the things she said ^////^  she talks too much and too fast... I do remember some complaining about Hyde though.
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W-wait.. where's Caramel?!
Who's this?? - it turned out to be Avril.. she's weird -> she kept staring at me like that, the whole time!!
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H-how?.. They just keep popping up!

The Pinky gang..
From left to right: Caramel - Avril - Sumi.
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Caramel is Neo's favourite..


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  1. Asaro's nieuwe haar ziet er leuk uit ! ;D Good job !
    Hij is zo schattig/lief tegen de Pinkies xD <3